0 AKC 2023

Call for Abstract

Key Deadline
Abstract (400w) Submission Due: 25 August 2023

How to Submit

Abstracts are submitted via Easychair

Theme for AKC 2023

The theme for AKC 2023 is “Leadership in science and technology for sustainable futures”. Topics for abstracts cut across all specializations related to sustainability.

1. Cities, Mobility and Built Environments

 a. Green science and technology – Climate technologies and Clean technologies
 b. Decarbonisation strategies for inclusive and sustainable infrastructures and cities

2. Climate and Energy

 a. Transition toward renewable energy and future energy
 b. Climate risk, adaptation, and resilience
 c. Climate innovation, technology, and growth

3. Conservation and Restoration

 a. Wildlife conservation
 b. Oceans
 c. Climate adaptation
 d. Water resources, quality, management, and distribution

4. Food Systems

 a. Food systems and security
 b. Sustainable agriculture
 c. Supply chain management and procurement
 d. Food loss and waste

5. Computational suitability

 a. IT for green and Green IT (IT for Green is a sub-set of IT for Good which is a more global concept of using digital
  technology with the aim of reducing the economic, ecological, and social footprint of an activity. Meanwhile, Green IT
  (eco-responsible computing) aims to minimize the negative impact of IT operations and equipment on the environment.)
 b. Human-computer interaction (HCI). Artificial intelligence in conjunction with HCI.

6. Health and Biomedical Science and Engineering

 a. Sustainable medical devices and technologies
 b. Manage emerging infectious Pandemic diseases.
 c. Ethics applied to future research challenges.

7. Future Science

 a. Health Science
 b. Medical Science
 c. Nano Techology
 d. Physics, Space Engineering