Kim Wan-joong

Ambassador of the ROK to the Commonwealth of Australia

Congratulatory Address

It is a great pleasure to offer my sincere congratulations to the Korean Academy of Scientists and Engineers in Australasia (KASEA) on hosting the meaningful 11th Asia-Korea Conference on Science and Technology (AKC) 2023 in Sydney.

Korea and Australia have been further strengthening their Comprehensive Strategic Partnership based on the three pillars: ①Strategic and security cooperation; ②economic, innovation and technology collaboration; and ③enhancing people-to-people links. Recognizing that critical and emerging technologies form the basis for secure, stable and prosperous future, we are exploring future-oriented cooperation in the field of science and technology such as space and low-emission technologies. Indeed, I believe there is tremendous potential to expand the substantive collaboration between Australia, which has a strong foundation in basic science and technology, and Korea, known for its excellent applied technology.

Throughout the path traveled by humanity in history, technological advancements have played a vital role in shaping our very societies by serving as a source of power. Currently, we are said to be entering a new era of technological innovation in which cutting-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence and quantum technology have the potential to fundamentally transform our society, economy and indeed geopolitical landscape. Accordingly the role and responsibility of technologists are more crucial than ever before.

Against this backdrop, the timing and location of the AKC 2023 appear to be highly appropriate. I trust the scientists, engineers and researchers from this region can pool their visions, knowledge and insights, which in turn will contribute greatly to the overarching theme of this year`s conference, ‘Leadership in Science and Technology for a Sustainable Future.’

I look forward to welcoming you in Sydney in November to engage in fruitful discussions.